Long Beach Grand Prix 2007 – Saturday

Today I went to the grand prix to meet up with Gary from Design Craft, Alan from Sparco, and Jacky the hot freelance journalist chick. We cruised around and saw all kinds of stuff. Today the ALMS (American Le Mans) cars were running which are way dope. I also cruised around the Champ Car paddocks and ran into some of the Cosworth track support peeps. Andy from track support gave me a quick tour of the Aussie Vinyards paddock which was dope because I got to see a lot of the details of the Champ Cars. The Cosworth track support peeps hooked me up with an overcrew pass so I had access to everywhere including track side. Tomorrow is the Champ Car race and SCCA World Challenge race so I’m going back. We’re going to have a barbeque right on turn 8 so it should be dope.

Champ Car pics:

lbgp 1.jpglbgp 6.jpglbgp 5.jpglbgp 4.jpglbgp 3.jpglbgp 2.jpglbgp 10.jpgCheck out how simple the LSD is. There are less plates than a drifter’s LSD. Look at the size of the input shaft on the Hewland transaxle. FUCKING HUGE!!!!

Even Champ Cars need field repairs. The radiators were springing leaks for some reason:

lbgp 7.jpg

Frankie Munoz (I think that’s his name) from Malcolm in the Middle. He drives in Formula Atlantic:

lbgp 8.jpg

Eddie Konishi (black vest) who used to work at XS Engineering is now working on the big boy stuff.

lbgp 9.jpg

ALMS Pics: The Ferrari 430 looks FUCKING BUFF!


Formula D drift car display pics:


One of the 350Z drift cars broke a camshaft. Sean Morris was on hand to demonstrate:


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