Long Beach Grand Prix 2007 – Sunday

Sunday was a nice day to begin with. Sunshine, blue sky with a couple of white puffy clouds in the sky and a slight breeze. Later the weather got all jacked up and cold, but for the most part it was nice. I chilled with Gary, Alan, Lawrence from Intec (washington) and a bunch of Gary’s friends from San Diego. Lawrence busted out the grill and cooked 4 of the best tasting steaks I think I’ve ever tasted. No shit. Screw all the aged, prime, or whatever other expensive adjective $60 steaks at the baller restaurants. Lawrence cooked up some econo rib-eyes from Ralphs and it was GOOD. Anyhow, we were drinking beers and barbequeing in front of turns 8 and 9. It was a dope spot and it’s a secret that Gary figured out. We are gonna hit it up next year with more people, more BBQ, and more alcohol!

lbgpsun.jpglbgpsun2.jpg Paul Tracy and friends. Of course Sebastian Bourdais won. He’s going F1 next year and I think he’ll do pretty damn good.


Of course there was your Formula D drift demo. Personally I thought the drifting was pretty pointless, but I guess it’s good that drifting gets exposure. The more people in the sport, the more cars there are to tune.


SPEED GT was the last race of the day. No ESX Subaru; it blew up on Friday (wow, I wonder why….). But this black C6 Corvette was fucking buff. It was the fastest, but it sounded the BEST. The first time it came around the corner, Gary and I were like, “Dude, what kind of car is that?” It screamed like an F1 engine almost. F1 pushrod engine that is…..

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