Wack Shit

I was cruising around on Saturday to the LBGP and saw some wack shit:

wack shit.jpg

WTF is this? Is this the BMW dealership’s idea of a “tuner” car? They took the Scion nation one step too far here. I mean check out the “graphics” down the side, the “BMW POWER” logo, Michelin stickers, and the #11 in the rear window. Dude, this ain’t F1. In fact I’m sure if the BMW F1 boss saw this shit, he would cry. I understand you need a cheap parts car, but why do you have to fuck it up like that? Is it because it’s a Scion and they thought they had to customize it? I think they saw too many Scion billboards and commercials. It’s cheaper to buy your BMW at New Century anyway. When I bought my ’06 325i (previously mine’s, long story…), I couldn’t grind South Bay as bad. For having a Scion like this, you should buy your BMW somewhere else other than South Bay.

wack shit2.jpg

This one is the classic “GT-R” badge lameness, except the took it one step FURTHER. The badge says “Nissan GT-R Power”. Now as far as I know, this badge doesn’t exist anywhere in the world in OEM form. They must have gotten it from Thailand, Vietnam, or Laos where they put RB26’s in boats and shit. Then they rock the “Nissan GTR Power” badge on the side of the river boat or something and do crazy shit like they do in that movie “The Warrior” (cool fighting flick).

I don’t really understand why people do this kind of shit. I believe in expressing yourself in your car and I understand that not everybody’s going to necessarily like your “flavor”, but sometimes shit is just wack. You should know if you do wack shit because at the very least your friends should be telling you, “hey man, you are wack.” Speaking of wackness, that same night after having dinner with the realjennykim, we saw a 1996 Maxima that was like a bright mint green creamy Ivory color with 20″ wheels that had a full disc center that was guess what: painted bright mint green creamy ivory color with chrome lips. I didn’t have my camera at the time, but I fuckin guarantee you’d be laughing your ass off right now if I did.

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