Formula Drift 2014 Long Beach – Qualifying

FD Long Beach 2014

Formula Drift 2014 Long Beach – Qualifying

by Justin Banner

Among the many changes in the Formula Drift Pro Championship presented by GoPro, the first change everyone will get to see is qualifying. Out goes the 16 highest scores locked in, back comes best of two runs. Unlike in years past, qualifying seemed to be rather quick. I have a feeling it is because the use of replays is being reduced and the idea of a television friendly event seems to be beginning. We’ll see how it really goes tomorrow with eliminations!

Here are your Top 5 drivers:


Formula Drift Long Beach 2014 qualifyingThe hammer of Norway, Fredric Aasbo, comes in at 5th place! His Borg-Warner EFR turbo continues to show that you don’t need 1000 horsepower to put on a good show.
Formula Drift Long Beach 2014 qualifyingHe may be the sleeper of 2014 and Achilles Radial driver, Kenny Moen, will be right behind his Norwegian countryman. Will Kenny finally have the breakthrough performance he’s shown the potential for in past years?
Formula Drift Long Beach 2014 qualifyingTyler McQuarrie in the GoPro Camaro showing what good American muscle can do from GM. JR Hildebrand is no longer his teammate, will that mean a more focused team or will the lack of additional data hurt him?
Formula Drift Long Beach 2014 qualifyingMore American muscle with the Monster Energy/Nitto Tires Ford Mustang RTR of Vaughn Gittin, Jr in 2nd!
Formula Drift Long Beach 2014 qualifyingHe not only had an amazing run during qualifying, but also consistently showed full aggression during practice. Can he get himself on track for that elusive second championship?
Formula Drift Long Beach 2014 qualifyingYour number one qualifier is your 2013 champion, Mike Essa in the Essa Autosport M3! He’s off to a good start but will that momentum stay for the rest of the season? We’ll find out tomorrow.

On page 2, the qualifying results for some of the other notable drivers.

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