A Tour Through Aeromotive Fuel Systems

Industry Insider: A Tour Through Aeromotive Fuel Systems

We take a look at their assembly process and even some of their racecars!

by Pablo Mazlumian

When building a high-powered street or racecar, upgrading the fuel system is an inevitable part of the equation.  Special consideration needs to be taken into account when selecting the fuel components, too, or the engine could end up powerless or, even worse, detonating.  Shoot, with the wrong components it can even catch on fire!

When choosing fuel systems, one needs to consider high quality fuel system components.  Aeromotive, which sits among the leaders of the fuel system industry, fills this niche by offering high quality fuel fittings, adapters, fuel pumps, fuel pressure regulators and fuel filters.  It also sells full replacement fuel systems for select models.  We caught up with Aeromotive at its headquarters to give you a MotoIQ-exclusive tour through its facility in Lenexa, Kansas.

Steve Matusek started Aeromotive Inc in 1994.  He’d left an engineering career, working with the likes of McDonnell Douglas on the famed B2 bomber, to start this dream.  The success of Aeromotive today not only comes from his team’s attention to product detail and Steve’s own engineering know-how, but also from his abilities as a businessman.


With over 450 SKU’s, one would think the Aeromotive facility must be massive, but this isn’t so. (photo courtesy of Aeromotive)

When you walk inside the facility, it's actually nothing fancy.  You've got the design and sales team working diligently in autogeek-decorated cubicles, and that's Debbie who answers the phone when you call the main line.

There are a couple of nicer offices for the execs, but other than that what you see is what you get.  Aeromotive simply focuses on getting the best products out, as opposed to spending money needlessly on flash.


When you walk past the offices and into the assembly and testing room, you are where the magic happens at Aeromotive.

Manufacturing is based on sales forecast, meaning Aeromotive doesn’t store more inventory than it needs.  While this keeps costs down, it also allows Aeromotive to operate out of a smaller-than-expected facility, further reducing overhead costs.  Everything we see boxed here has been tested, and is expected to be shipped within the next day or so.

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