A Tour Through Aeromotive Fuel Systems


Steve Matusek's daughter, Amanda, races this car.  But being the protective father he is, Steve wanted Amanda to be so safe he had a roll cage designed to NHRA Funny Car specs!

We found this machine interesting. It’s currently testing a fuel system for a 2000hp streetcar.  Aeromotive is simulating what it will be seeing on the street, including running a full-time 340 LPH pump before the bigger pump kicks in under boost, and using the same 15 feet worth of fuel line to keep the flow and pressure realistic.

This unit is testing a diesel setup.  Aeromotive is seeing how the fuel temperature behaves, and in the winter they’ll test in situations of up to -10F.  They're also looking for aeration.

Here, Aeromotive is looking for any air bubbles produced in the fuel system because air can lead to a variety of problems, including lower horsepower and fuel economy, hard starts, engine surges, a rough idle and sometimes even damaged injectors.

Aeromotive’s big rig racecar transport is nothing short of gargantuan.  In fact, it’s so long it’s not even legal to drive in California.  The rig is also kept white because it would be considered “commercial” if it was wrapped (wonder how much that would cost), and it’s too long to be considered commercial in all 50 states!
On this test bench is where the big-boy, belt-driven pumps are tested, like the ones used in NHRA Nitro Top Fuel and Funny Car. 

The pumps tested here flow anywhere from 5 gallons to 24 gallons per minute.  That’s over 5000 liters per hour (LPH)!  If you haven’t seen what one of those pumps can do, let alone after a Nitro team tweaks it, make sure to check out our Inside 10,000hp article published last year. We’re talking over 22,000 LPH ratings!

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