A Tour Through Aeromotive Fuel Systems


Aeromotive also sells entire fuel system kits for domestic applications that include even a new fuel tank for a complete drop-in install.  The systems found in these boxes are for the Fox-bodied Mustangs.

Something worth noting is that Aeromotive took home SEMA's “Best new product award” for its Phantom fuel system last year. 


The firm’s quality has been good enough for auto giants like Chevy, which enlisted Aeromotive to be its OEM builder for the fuel lines found in the very limited COPO Camaros.  If you haven’t seen what a COPO Camaro is, it’s a factory Camaro designed for NHRA use only.  Chevrolet sold 69 COPOs in 2013.

In 2008, Ford reintroduced the Cobra Jet as a factory racecar. There were four pre-production cars, and this was the third, which Aeromotive actually built and Ford serialized.  “It’s easily our most valuable car here,” says Powell.

Ford simply had sent Aeromotive a motorless GT500 and asked them to build a Cobra Jet out of it, using all of the factory specifications.  This is #3 or 4 pre-production units.  Ford sold 50 more all together.

Here is a peak at the Aeromotive fuel setup in the back of the Cobra Jet.  Aeromotive is also partnered up with Optima, which you’ll see grace our pages here soon as well.  In fact, we’ll be using Optima batteries in both our Project Supra and Project E46 M3 cars.

Under the hood sits the hand-built 5.4-liter supercharged V8.  It's been massaged to an impressive 680whp through the auto tranny, thanks to a BigStuff3 ECU.  For tuning ease, Aeromotive also got rid of the drive-by-wire setup.

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