A Tour Through Aeromotive Fuel Systems



Here’s a look inside the racecar.  As you can see, it’s pretty raw.  (Let's hope that flywheel never comes flying off!)

Here’s another look inside.  Outside of steering wheels, pedals, a shift lever and safety equipment, there’s not a whole lot else.

This is what the car looks on track, warming up for one of its sub 6-second blasts.  Aeromotive founder Steve Matusek is the lucky man behind the wheel. Talk about “race on Sunday, sell on Monday!” Photo courtesy of Aeromotive.

We were excited to leave with a box of Aeromotive components that will be featured on our Project Supra  shortly!

The parts for our Supra's fuel system include everything from fittings and adapters, to a fuel filter and fuel pressure regulator.  We can't wait to test them!  Stay tuned…




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