A Tour Through Aeromotive Fuel Systems


The following week, we returned for a second visit and found John this time assembling some black fuel pressure regulators.

“We are not a ‘me-too’ company,” says Jesse Powell.  “We make our own stuff.  How many 109-series look-alikes do you see out there?  There’s also a reason why we have 30 different fuel pressure regulators—because it’s not a one-size-fits all deal!”


Because of its forecast production schedule, Aeromotive may not have every single completed SKU ready to ship.  However, each product is ready to be built if the demand for it suddenly increases.

When you write for Mike Kojima, if you stare long enough at an object, you can eventually picture his face watching your every move and screaming.  It's scary.

In the back warehouse, Jesse Powell showed us some of the raw extrusions that were about to be sent out for the machining and coating process.

After the machining process, the units are sent back to Aeromotive, where they're inspected.  Once approved, they're sent back out for anodizing and return looking like this, ready for in-house assembly.

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