A Tour Through Aeromotive Fuel Systems


The pump is being tested at a little over 60 PSI.

The spec they need to hit is 1.5 gallons per minute, and this one is putting out 1.7 GPM.  Says Powell, “While we claim 1.5, we usually see an average of 1.6 GPM.  “It’s always best to underpromise and over deliver.” (We agree!)

The smaller pumps are tested on this test rig.

“We need to make sure that each of our popular 340 fuel pumps, for instance, actually flows 340 liters per hour,” says Powell.  “We have our test equipment calibrated by Brooks Instruments to ensure this, and every single one of these pumps gets tested on here.”


As mentioned earlier, everything is hand-built.  Here is Brett, who assembles the smaller Aeromotive pumps, filing down an internal piece by hand to make sure it fits perfectly.

Here are several anodized fuel pressure regulator tops for just one of its fuel pressure regulators.

Here are some fuel pressure regulators awaiting final assembly prior to testing.  John is in charge of this part, but he was our mystery man of the hour (probably out to lunch).

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