A Tour Through Aeromotive Fuel Systems


Although Aeromotive doesn’t do its own CNC machining, they do own a half-million dollar rapid-prototyping, 9-axis Okuma for random parts they may need make.

The machine can make anything within a 6-10 inch chuck size range, like this adapter here. “When we were building a tank with twin 340’s, we needed a bulkhead fitting to go from barb to -6AN.  This type of stuff we will do here, and we can make almost anything with this machine!” exclaims Powell.

If we at MotoIQ had this CNC machine in our own office, you wouldn’t see any more articles published.

This is Aeromotive’s lapping machine, which grinds to .001-in accuracy.  With this type of tolerance, each pump of a particular SKU is ensured to flow exactly the same as the rest.

“Aeromotive is more of a science”, says Powell.  “We have drawings for every product we sell, and anyone that knows how to use these machines could come in and build our products.”


Here is a close up of the grinding discs.  As the whole machine turns, it uses plate pressure to get the exact tolerance needed.

Here are several Aeromotive 340 LPH pumps ready to go…

…along with several liquid-filled fuel pressure gauges that are ready to be boxed.  We will end up with one of these on our Project Supra.

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