A Tour Through Aeromotive Fuel Systems



Here’s a sweet, old-school Chevy pickup owned by one of the new execs at Aeromotive.  This sucker has got more performance than meets the eye.

They’re rebuilding entire engine here, but notice the size of that blower sitting on the bench!  Notice the size of the blower pulley in the foreground and on the blower itself.  This is serious power indeed.

This little drag racer is one that Aeromotive seems to have a lot of fun with.  The powerplant is a Roush & Yates NASCAR engine.

Here’s an up close look at some of the Aeromotive components on it.

Of course, we can’t leave without our readers seeing Aeromotive’s own 3,000 hp Pro Modified NHRA drag Mustang up close.  It’s all-business, with massive Precision 85mm turbochargers and the same MSD Mag 44 ignition system we featured in our Inside 10,000 hp article (except those cars used two of them!).

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