Formula Drift Round 3: Palm Beach International Raceway


Jr is back!

The Final Four began with Forsberg and Gittin and not only was this the second energy drink battle, it was also the second Drift Alliance battle of the night. So, no matter what, an energy drink and someone from the Drift Alliance would be in the Finals. It just remained to be decided who it would be. Chris Forseberg in the NOS Energy 370Z or Vaughn Gittin, Jr. in the Monster Energy Falken Tire Mustang? In the first tandem, the two drivers were close and held great lines. In the second tandem, Forsberg went wide in the first clipping point, but JR made an error and that made the judges call for an OMT! When they battled again, it was still very tight, but the slightest error by Forsberg gave the win to Vaughn Gittin, Jr.!

D-Mac fought hard against JTP, but would end up in the consolation round.

In the battle of Darren McNamara and Justin Pawlak, it was clear that it would be a one two finish for Falken Tire after the win by Vaughn Gittin Jr. and the fact that Pawlak and McNamara were on Falken Tires. As Darren lead and came into the second clipping point, D-Mac went wide and ran into the grass on the rear clipping zone! This gave a huge advantage to JTP! With that and the clean run that Pawlak put on, JTP went on to the finals! It was set, Drift Alliance was now fighting it out for Number One! Falken Tire would take the top two podium spots! However, third place still had to be settled!

Forsberg Crash
A hard fought battle for third, but D-Mac came out on top.

Before they were run, Darren McNamara’s car had caught on fire and needed to be put out! This could have been a serious blow to D-Mac, but it was caught in time and the car did not sustain any significant damage. Once everything was clear, Chris Forsberg and Darren McNamara did battle for the final podium spot. Coming into the first clipping point, Forsberg went in too hot and ran straight into the barriers. With that happening, all Darren had to do was drive a clean lap, which he did and took Third Place! It was going to be an all Falken Tires Podium! Finally, it would come down to Vaughn Gittin, Jr. and Justin Pawlak, the third and final Drift Alliance battle! With both drivers pulling clean, close runs to each other, the outcome wasn’t obvious to the fans, but the Judges had a verdict in their hands! Was it JTP? Was it JR? As the crowd waited anxiously, Jarod Deanda announced that Justin T. Pawlak had won his second event of the season and his career! Vaughn Gittin, Jr. placed second, and Darren McNamara placed third! Falken Tires had done it and gained all three top positions! With that, they are also one, two, and three in points with JTP first, D-Mac second, and Dai third.

Your winner, Justin Thomas Pawlak!

Next up is Wall Speedway in Wall Township, NJ. We saw Dai win there and if he can pull it off again, there is a chance he might regain the points lead or come very close to it! Let’s see what happens in Dirty Jersey!

See Y’all There!

The Podium!
Your Top Three! JTP, JR, and D-Mac.


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