Formula Drift Round 4: NJ Wall Speedway


Top 32 Qualifiers:

1. Chris Forsberg

Chris ForsbergChris Forsberg continues to dominate this year's drifting series with first place podium at Round 1 Long Beach, 3rd place Round 2 Atlanta, and 2nd place Round 3 Miami. He qualified first for Round 4 Wall NJ.

2. Chelsea Denofa

DenofaChelsea Denofa qualified 2nd in the Top 32.  He made not so nice with the wall and tried to finish up the run in spectacular fashion, depositing both left tires in various spots around the track.

3. Michael Essa

Michael EssaFailing to finish on the podium since 3rd place in Round 1 Long Beach, last year's champion Michael Essa qualified 3rd in the Yokohama Tire BMW E46, but fell to Dean Kearney in the Dodge Viper in the first round of the Top 32 after teabagging the wall on his lead run.

4. Dai Yoshihara

YoshiharaYoshihara qualified 4th after failing to advance out of the Top 32 in the first two rounds and not qualifying at all in Miami after mechanical issues. Some suspension geometry changes helped Yoshihara keep the car locked and loaded.

5. Aurimas (Odi) Bakchis

Kado and BakchisBakchis qualified 5th and went up against Ryan Kado in the Top 32 round, defeating the 28th qualifier in his 800hp DNA Motoring/Yokohama Tire 350Z.
Kado front bumperCheck out the flex on Kado's bumper!

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