Formula Drift Round 4: NJ Wall Speedway


Ng and McQuarrieTyler McQuarrie qualified 6th but issues with speed kept him from advancing out of the Top 32 round against Ng.

Saito and TuerkDaigo Saito and Ryan Tuerck had to go “One More Time” in order to decide this battle in the closest of the Top 32 rounds.
Saito and TuerckSaito had full angle and Tuerck was a little far in proximity…
Saito and TuerckBut in the end, Saito's contact with the wall and then spin sealed the deal and Tuerck advanced to the Top 16 round.

Mats Baribeau and Darren McNamaraCanadian Mats Baribeau leads during a Top 32 practice session against Falken driver Darren McNamara. Both qualified with McNamara in 15th and Baribeau 21st.

MordauntPatrick Mordaunt qualified 31st and advanced after Denofa's spectacular self-destruction on track but then fell to Darren McNamara in the Top 16 round.

Yoshihara and TuerckYoshihara came out on top of the BR-Z / FR-S battle and moved on to the Top 8 round.

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