Formula Drift Round 5 – Evergreen Drifting


Once Driver Introductions were over we went straight on to the Top 16. First up was Tyler McQuarrie and Alex Lee and while Lee was performing at his best, it wasn’t enough and Tyler moved on. Still a great run for the DMCC West Champion! Next was the flag battle as Kearney was flying his Irish colors and Aasbo was flying his Norwegian colors. Kearney’s follow run did not show much angle and his lead run went much better, but it was too little too late and Aasbo went on to the Great 8.

Alex Lee versus Tyler McQuarrie
Alex Lee put on a great show for his first Top 16 of 2011, but Tyler was better and moved on!
Fedric Aasbo and Dean Kearney
While Kearney had a very good run Aasbo was better and moves on to the Great 8!

Next was Dai Yoshihara and Matt Powers, if Dai could move on, he would begin to strip down JTP’s points lead. While Matt was able to keep up with Dai on his follow run, Dai had a much better lead run. Matt then took the lead and coming into the transition, Matt spun giving the win and more points to Dai Yoshihara who would move on to the Great 8.

Odi gave Jr hell but it was not enough hell.  Jr advanced.

In the Odi Bakchis versus Vaughn Gittin Jr. battle, Odi was able to pull a gap on JR nearly the entire time on his lead run. Vaughn needed a great lead run to move on and he put on his best, moving past Odi and on to the Great 8!

In the battle of Dennis Mertzanis and Chris Forsberg, it was a win for Forsberg.  Hats off to Dennis for a good run at it!

In the battle of Dennis Mertzanis and Chris Forsberg, it was a win for Forsberg as he was able to out perform Dennis and move on to the Great 8. Dennis, to his credit, had a great lead run and if he did not stall through the front clipping zone, he probably would have given Forsberg a run for his position. Joon “Alabama” Maeng took on Ryan Tuerck for the next position in the Great 8, both drivers had a great first run with Joon leading, Joon nearly hit Ryan in the final clipping point and stalled out. That gave the position to Ryan and he was in the Great 8.

Matt Powers vs Dai Yoshihara

Dai defeats Need for Speed driver Matt Powers.

Vaughn Gittin, Jr. defeats Odi Bakchis.

Rhys Millen then faced Darren McNamara in the Top 16, this would be the best indication of the new Tire Rule, as D-Mac had to switch to a narrower tire for this event. It really showed as it seemed as if Darren was having some trouble adjusting to the narrower tire and the power the Sky produces. In D-Mac’s follow run, he made a huge mistake and nearly ran into Millen, then on his lead run he did well, but Rhys did better and showed that having a V8 is not the hot ticket yet! Rhys Millen moved on to the Great 8.

Ryan Tureck and Joon Maeng
Ryan Tuerck moves on to the Great 8.

In the Nexen Tire battle of Cyrus Martinez and Kyle Mohan, Mohan slowed drastically into the transition and Cyrus crashed into his Nexen teammate. While they were both able to pull off, Cyrus went straight to the starting line while Mohan went to the pits. The steering rack was bent and after some time, it was determined that Cyrus was not only at fault but also that Mohan would move on as Cyrus would need more than five minutes to complete repairs to his own car.

Cyrus Martinez collided with Kyle Mohan bending Kyle’s steering rack and taking himself out of the event.  Kyle was able to continue.

The Great 8 was now set and it was time to move on to the Final Four and the first pair up were Tyler McQuarrie and Fredric Aasbo! In a stunning move, both drivers were judged to be equal and two One More Times were called! In the final OMT, Tyler led Fredric and Tyler initiated into the oval and gapped Aasbo, but Aasbo moved in on Tyler in the transition and in the front and rear clipping zones! With Aasbo in the lead, Tyler hung with him but had to straighten out until the transition, at that point the lesser weight and greater throttle dedication of Aasbo took over. Finally, a winner was declared and it was Fredric Aasbo, McQuarrie’s mistake on the oval was what finally did him in.

After two one more times, Aasbo was declared the winner over Tyler McQuarrie.


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