Formula Drift Round 5 – Evergreen Drifting


The battle of Ready to Rock vs Leddy to Lock!  Dai beats Jr again for the 5th time in a row.  Any Jr vs Dai battle promises to be a heart stopper as their rivalry runs deep.  Jr is hungry and he wants to beat Dai more than any other.

Next was the Atlanta repeat as Dai Yoshihara faced Vaughn Gittin, Jr. Once again, if Dai wanted to build a lead, he would need to defeat JR one more time! With everyone looking on, Dai lead first but JR was hot on him, but had to straighten up to do so! Through the transition and on to the rear clipping zone Dai put his car within inches of the wall, but that put his line slightly off for the front zone. At the last clipping point to the finish, Dai’s lead had decreased, but with the straightening of JR, it was advantage Dai!

JR vs Dai
An Atlanta Repeat?

JR now began his lead run and Dai stuck right to him! JR hits the wall during the transition and Dai moved back to make sure JR didn’t spin, but once he was clear, Dai pulled him back in and kept less than a car length’s gap through the front clipping zone, both drivers’ noses right in there. At the last clipping point, Dai was right next to Vaughn and the two runs gave Dai the win! Vaughn’s Epic Come Back Tour of 2011 had come to an end for the Seattle round and while he may not be the 2011 Champion at the end of the season, you won’t be able to say that JR didn’t put everything into trying! He will continue his Tour at Las Vegas!

Dai vs JR
Ryan Tuerck and Chris Forsberg show that when it’s man to man there is no Drift Alliance!

In the Drift Alliance Battle for the Seattle round, Ryan Tuerck and Chris Forsberg showed that these guys don’t let up against each other! With Ryan leading, both drivers iniatated the bank on the straight and slid right up against the wall! Both drivers put their bumpers within inches on the rear clipping zone, noses to the front zone, and kept their gap small at the final clipping point! However, Tuerck spun out at the final clipping point and Forsberg had to take evasive action to avoid hitting him! With that, the advantage was with Chris and Chris moved on!

Chris Forsberg vs Ryan Tureck
Chris Forsberg moves on against Ryan Tuerck.

Next was Kyle Mohan and Rhys Millen, despite Rhys missing two events due to Rallycross commitments, he really has shown what he can be capable of and the break from drifting is probably exactly what he needed to get his mind back in the game. Rhys also has had the fast car of the weekend without a V8 and was about to show again that they’re not necessary as he took the lead first with Mohan chasing.

While Mohan was able to initially stay with Rhys, Rhys built a car length gap on Mohan! Into the transition, Mohan had to run a straighter line and collided with Millen! Millen, showing his stunt and driving prowess, was able to drive out of it and kept going with Mohan now at the disadvantage! On Mohan’s follow run, Kyle ran a much better line with a bigger angle going into the transition, but it was too little too late and Rhys moved on to the Final Four!

Rhys Millen and Kyle Mohan
Rhys Millen defeats Kyle Mohan.

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