Geeks on a Plane 2: Nerds Down Under – WTA Day 0


Once on the ground our first order of business was to get some transportation.  Walking around the rental car parking we saw a few very good looking cars.  No they’re not sports cars, but these sedans/station-wagons look good!




“Every time I come around the corner BLING BLING!”  Our baller ride – Toyota Corolla Ascent.


We were expecting the car to be right-hand drive, but dang….even the volume controls were flip flopped!


Jeff was so thrown off by the position of the controls that he kept turning on the wipers whenever he wanted to signal.


We don’t see the correlation here, but it was just too funny not to take a picture of it.


Screw the elderly, it’s all about the babies in Australia!


The El Camino may not have been a big hit stateside, but man did it catch on down under!  In the coming days we’ll show you just how many of these type of cars are cruising the streets.


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