Global Time Attack – Round 4 – New Jersey Motorsports Park


The World Guys wrapped up their engine swap in time to get back out and quite honestly it was amazing to see this happen. One might say that drag racing programs call for engine rebuilds between races etc but to see a Time Attack team swap out the engine in a unibody car with all of the necessary systems in that period of time is a serious accomplishment. 

World Racing Scion TC
Even with the engine swap World Racing still managed to go quicker on Sunday. They finished their day and won the Unlimited FWD class with a 1:06.232. This is just over a second off last year's record set by the same team! 

And now to settle a friendly wager. The PA Evo headed back out for another session to see if Daniel could win me some money… ERR… Improve his previous time. 

Professional Awesome Evo VII GTA NJMP 2012 SRy OFCR plate pic
After another session Daniel was able to inch past Jeff Westphal's time in the same car… Jeff ran a 1:10.8 to Daniel's 1:10.694. Yet another AWD Street Tire Record. Oh and the data showed the car pulled 1.6 G's. YUP on street tires. THANKS DAN!


Scarallo Corvette TiC WRX GTA NJMP
The Corvette of Johnny Scarallo was able to put up a time of 1:07.588. Good enough for second place behind the GroupAWheels Pontiac GTO. 


Team Foren Evo 9 NASA TTU Global Time Attack

Mark Forenbacher in his Evo 9 was able to secure the win in Limited AWD with a time of 1:13.970.


Enthusiast Class Global Time Attack Synergy Turbo
Kevin Nguyen was able to pilot his Evo to the win in the Synergy Turbo Sponsored AWD Enthusiast class, his best time of the weekend was a 1:17.520. 


The track had seen a LOT of action on Sunday and a series of MANY offs cresting turn 1 had quite a bit of gravel and dust kicked up on the racing line limiting grip and making it very difficult to improve on previous times. Many teams went out in the last session only to find it difficult. In addition to the less than ideal track conditions The GroupAWheels Corvette had stalled and went off causing a standing yellow near turn 3 and the World Racing Scion TC also experienced a heat related electrical issue causing them to stall. This brought the session to a close and with it, the final results. 

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