Global Time Attack – Round 4 – New Jersey Motorsports Park


The final results of the weekend resulted in 5 new class/track records. It was great to watch some of the local NASA Time Trial competitors compete within the Global Time Attack series to see how things stack. There was some stiff competition in the Unlimited AWD class as well as for overall champion where there was less than a 1 second difference between the 2nd through 5th place cars. 


Unlimited AWD

1.  Jeff Westphal         GST Motorsports Subaru Impreza           1:03.267

2.  Tony Wiesenhahn         TurninConcepts Subaru WRX           1:05.903

3. Whit Staples         Atlantic Motorsports/Fortune Auto Evo 9   1:06.916

4. Michael Oromaner JMR Garage Mitsubishi Evo 10           1:15.809


Unlimited RWD

1. Joey Scarallo        Group-A Racing Pontiac GTO         1:05.808 (New Record)

2. Johnny Scarallo        Group-A Racing Chevrolet Vette       1:07.588

3. Michael Ellis                Chevrolet Corvette                          1:09.212

4. Frank Hart        S-Max Performance Nissan S14 Silvia 1:13.026

5. Alan Cohen        CTSV Racing Cadillac CTS-V                  1:15.051


Unlimited FWD

1.   Chris Rado       Need for Speed WORLD Racing Scion tC 1:06.232

2.   Rafal Listopad       Bergen Woodworks Dodge SRT-4         1:20.878

Limited AWD

1. Mark Forenbaher       Team Foren Mitsubishi Evo 9                  1:13.970

2. Andrei Rodriguez       Akuma Motorsports Mitsubishi Evo         1:15.990


Limited RWD 

1.  John Shafer        Akuma Motorsports Nissan 370Z         1:20.000

Limited FWD

1. Todd Reid        Reid Speed/Fortune Auto Honda Civic 1:13.794  (New Record)


 Street AWD

1. Daniel O’Donnell Professional Awesome Mitsubishi Evo 7 1:10.694   (New Record)

2. Marc Cantor        Alwaysinboost Racing Mitsubishi Evo 1:15.414


Street RWD

1. Bryan Hedian        Wired Race Team Honda S2000         1:17.179   (New Record)


Street FWD

1. Doug Wind         Modern Performance Dodge SRT-4         1:12.210    (New Record)

 Enthusiast AWD

1. Chieu “Kevin” Nguyen Nguyen Nguyen Racing Mitsubishi Evo 1:17.520

2. Nelson Velez        Nelson Racing Mitsubishi Evo 9        1:22.027


Enthusiast RWD

1. John Cui        Wired Race Team Honda S2000        1:24.370


Enthusiast FWD

1. Jake Silverio        Turtle Racing Acura TSX         1:36.113


Global Time Attack Chris Rado John Naderi Jeff Westphal
To the victor go the spoils. That or doing silly things with champagne and having them captured for the interweb. “Things are about to pop off Y0!”


To top off the weekend there was little carnage and no one went for a ride in the meat wagon.  After avoiding the champagne spray at the awards ceremony (others were not so lucky) we quickly learned that despite the fact that Nads runs like a girl he has clearly ran from the police before. We proceeded back to the pits and I was greeted by Mike Warfield with his $ in hand. A man of his word he paid up after some good old America versus British ribbing. 

Travis Barnes Mike Lewin Will Cannady MotoIQ Radio Professional Awesome Global Time Attack
From left to wrong: Professional Left Man, Professional Middle Man, and Barry Black… err. White of MIQ Radio. 


There were a few times when I personally thought I was going take a header from the heat and quite honestly I think many of our brains were not  firing on all cylinders by the end of the event. I believe the quote that best described our mental status was something like “trying to find fried beef at a tofu place”, yeah exactly, it makes no effing sense and yet despite this mental collapse I had one of the best weekends in recent memory. 

We will do it all again September 21st and 22nd when GTA hits Texas Motor Speedway so get off your couch and join us!


Global Time Attack Next Event 2012 Texas Motor SPeedway


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