Grassroots Drifting: Tennessee Based & Battle Tested


Sawyer Dickey, a Clarksville native and active Army, frequents the Battle Tested events in his Nissan 350Z. “BT literally laid the groundwork to start a scene in Clarksville, which is dear to me because I love this place so much. Thank God I’m back here,” said Sawyer in a YouTube interview by Battle Tested Motorsports.


Sawyer Dickey participated in the February Night Drift event put on by Battle Tested Motorsports Feb. 25.

For future plans, the organization’s goal is to get more cars on the track, and getting their team more seat time. They’re continuing their efforts to have a relationship with local tracks like Clarksville Speedway and surrounding area venues. Battle Tested will continue to partner with other organizations such as Misfit Toys Racing to enhance the support for grassroots drifting.


CJ Hazard in his Scion FR-S in between runs in the novice group Feb. 25.

There are still a few members that are active duty, and it’s amazing how willing they are to step up and help each other while the member is away. This means anything from storing cars, looking for parts, and even helping out their families as needed.


Jake Elliott drifting at the Feb. 25 Night Drift event at Clarksville Speedway.

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