Grassroots Drifting: Tennessee Based & Battle Tested


Tandem drifting gives drivers a host of new obstacles especially on a tight course. Jason Glasgow wasn’t the only one who got turned around at the Clarksville Night Drift event.

This level of understanding translates to the track with their drifting as well, in fact, Rob says it’s made them even closer. “All the late hours working on cars, the time spent organizing the events, brainstorming for new ideas, there isn't a day that goes by that we aren't hanging out doing something,” said Rob.


Tandem trains were the hit of the night at the Battle Tested event in Clarksville.

Rob said that drifting helps members cope with the mental and physical aftermath of the battlefield such as PTSD and anxiety. “It keeps them calm surprisingly. It's a constructive release for most of us. The fact that we get to share this experience with such a large and like minded group just makes it better.” For many, drifting is a release like no other, but for these guys, it’s everything.


Memphis-natives Aaron Crowder and Eric So came up to support the Battle Tested crew in a 4.8 LS1-swapped Nissan S13, and orange Nissan S14 with a fully-built cammed LS1 representing the So Sideways team.


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