Greddy 35RX GT-R + Tarzan Yamada at Fuji Speedway, December 2011


greddy 35rx
Tarzan breakin it down further to 35RX project boss man Watabe-san.

greddy 35rx garage
In the next Garage was 1 of 108 Ferrari 355 Challenges in the world which made some really nice noises on track. There's something about a small displacement 3.5L short stroke, high revving, flat plane crank, Italian V-8 that sounds reeeaaally nice.

greddy 35rx staff
Here's the Trust R&D team, a couple of Bensopra guys, and Tarzan with the Greddy 35RX after a day of many laps. There were no reliability issues with the car fortunately. Tarzan mentioned that there would be some slight aero changes, but otherwise the car got up to an indicated 333km/h (the GPS data said 328km/h). There was a bit too much traffic so it was hard to get a good clean run. Many of the cars were braking much earlier in front of him so that ruined several laps where he might have gone a little quicker.

Driving back from Fuji Speedway there was also massive traffic so we stopped off at Coco's to grab some dinner. Yes, I am talking about that Coco's we have here in the US, except they have an entirely different menu in Japan. The JDM version of Coco's and Denny's falls into a category of restaurants the Japanese call “Family Restaurants” or famiresu if you're Japanese. If you ever visit Japan and travel outside of the city center (there aren't many famiresu in the middle of the big cities), I recommend trying one out for the experience and trying the Doria or Hamburger Steak. Some other popular Family Restaurants are Jonathan's, Skylark, and Royal Host.

After getting back to Tokyo, the DSPORT guys left to Haneda Airport to fly back to the US. I hopped on the train to Roppongi and met up with Ian Baker from from World Time Attack, Andrew Brilliant the brilliant aerodynamicist, Daniel from GCG Turbo, Tarzan, Under Suzuki from Scorch Racing, and  Nakajima from Voltex for a crazy ass night in Tokyo that lasted well into the next morning (for some of us). It's nights like those that keep me going back to Tokyo…

greddy 35rx
The Greddy 35RX has since been re-wrapped with a new color and scheme revealed at the Tokyo Auto Salon earlier this month. It also won the TAS award for the 2012 Best Concept Car Award. 

We'll see what Greddy has in store next for the 35RX. Whatever it is, I'm sure it will push the envelope of more R35 GT-R performance.

For video footage of that day, look out soon for the DSPORT Magazine DVD.

And in case you missed Greddy's video on the 35RX and the Top Speed Challenge:

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