GTA Road Atlanta: #teamcanada


With Global Time Attack in Road Atlanta Vince will be running in the Limited RWD class on Hankook Ventus TD tires with power put to them via an OS Giken 2 way diff. Suspension is Fortune Auto’s Pro 2 way adjustable coilovers.  The 240SX has a full rear multi-link setup made by SPL and the front has SPL tension rods and outer tie rod ends. Rear lower control arms are from Powered by Max while the front has Nismo LCAs.


The LS2's 450 WHP and 438 ft-lbs of torque power the Nissan – and it fits very nicely into the engine bay. Vince designed and built the front strut tower bar. Notice the supports back to the firewall.

If you are looking for Vince at Road Atlanta, these pics may not be of much help. He and his teammate, Amanda Carlton, have been giving the 450 WHP/438 ft-lbs torque monster a complete work over in Vince’s home garage – where all of the work takes place. It will have a new livery – that is not ready for the reveal just yet.


Vince will be running in the Limited RWD class with Global Time Attack with the car on Hankook TD rubber and, new for 2015, running with >Fortune Auto’s Pro 2 way adjustable coilovers to keep the car firmly planted on the track.

It has been two years since Chris Boersma ran Global Time Attack at Buttonwillow where he captured the top trophy in Street FWD and brought it back home to Canada. Chris has been keeping very busy in the meantime, as he fine tunes his red Honda Civic and ensures that it is in top form. With CSCS Chris holds the Super Street FWD track record at Grand Bend and also at Toronto Motorsports Park. He is entering his eighth year in Time Attack and only shows signs of getting faster!


In 2013 Chris captured First Place in the Street FWD class at Buttonwillow in his 1999 Honda Civic SiR.

Chris has updated many things during this winter rebuild period and the car has not been on a dyno yet this spring. The old numbers – 409 WHP and 270 ft-lbs of torque – give you an idea of what to expect when the car reaches the track at Road Atlanta.


From my understanding of Buttonwillow, almost everyone takes a little bit of it home with them. Chris may have had to file a claim at the border for some of the sand that he brought back to Canada! I'm positive that Will did!

First on the list of changes is a GTX3076R Turbo By Garrett. That is followed quickly with a Turbo By Garrett Intercooler Core. Then we have a Dynamotorsports exhaust manifold, downpipe, and exhaust. To ensure that the engine is kept cool, the half rad was replaced with a CSF full sized radiator. I think you can see that Chris is aiming higher than 409 WHP for the 1999 Honda Civic SiR’s 2015 debut. The car is also adorned with a very functional Boersma Racing carbon splitter, carbon hood and side skirts. Finishing off the the car’s aero is a Special Projects rear wing and a PCI rear diffuser.


The most significant change over 2014 will be the addition of a GTX3076R Turbo By Garrett. Next up is keeping it cool with a full-size CSF rad. Chris is hoping for close to a 100 HP increase over last year. The inset is last year's engine bay; 2015's engine bay is still being worked on.

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