GTA Road Atlanta: #teamcanada


The Borg Warner EFR 8374 (on the right) is good for a build up to 750 HP. The Borg Warner EFR 9180  (on the left) is a massive turbo designed for projects aiming for 1000 HP. In the middle is the Borg Warner EFR 9174 hybrid (no, it's not an electric turbo) that utilizes components from the 8374 and the 9180 to support builds aiming for 850 to 880 HP.

Will embraced Borg Warner Turbos with the Acura RSX and he is absolutely including that in his Honda Civic build. Earlier this year I happened to be at PZ Tuning’s shop/store when the courier arrived with a delivery. It was a Borg Warner EFR 9174, the first delivered to a customer. This unit was a hybrid of the EFR 8374 and the EFR 9180 – designed to perfectly meet the power requirements of this build.


There are a lot of Vibrant parts on the PZ Tuning Civic. The exhaust manifold was designed and built by PZ Tuning – and that's Will and Noreen. That's Noreen in the background and, quite honestly, if you're trying to source a part then by-pass Will and ask specifically for Noreen!
What can you say except “Wow!”. This Civic is going to be an absolute monster – it will be running in the Unlimited FWD class at Road Atlanta. Sasha Anis from OnPoint Dyno had the Civic on his Dynapack system to perform the tune.

For rubber the PZ Tuning Civic will be running Hankook Z214s in a C91 compound and a 275 width. Mounted on Volks 18×10.5 front and 18×9.5 rear. These tires are such a sticky compound that, when I touched them, it literally felt like my fingers were sticking to them. This huge setup will keep the car hooked to the pavement. As you can tell, Will is aiming for the Unlimited FWD class with a car build that has the potential to grab the top podium spot. Every time. Awesome aero, incredible engine bay, a cage that is beautifully welded, and attention to detail everywhere. There’s another story in this car!


Did I mention that there is a lot of product from Vibrant on this car – from the very cool VanJen clamps to piping to the intercooler. Here we get a great shot of the CSF radiator too!

April 29th the Civic was out at Toronto Motorsports Park – here's a fly-by. The beast has awakened! Video Credit: Zoran Lazic.


If you have read my other articles then you will recognize that I write about Canadian content. I think that the drivers, the clubs, the cars, and the tracks in Canada (specifically Ontario) are awesome. Because I live here and know and race with these drivers. I have watched them build their cars. There is no question that this is my bias – not because of nationality but because these are the people and cars that I know. I think that you will agree with me on the following point. These are incredible builds that we would be proud to race against … and understand if we lost! The bottom line, car enthusiasts do not care about borders; they care about a meticulous build and a car that works. These four cars work! If you are lucky enough to be in attendance at Road Atlanta with Global Time Attack, I hope that you welcome these cars among your group of favourites and cheer them on! #teamcanada


Global Time Attack

Road Atlanta

Candadian Tire Motorsport Park – Driver Development Track

Grand Bend Motorplex – Raceway

Toronto Motorsport Park – Road Course

CSCS – Canada Sport Compact Series

Vince – 240SX

Innovative Tuning 

Fortune Auto

Overdraft Autolife 

Niko signs & GraFX 

Chris – Honda Civic SiR

Turbos by Garrett

Dynamotorsports Tuning

OS Giken



Paragon Competition

CSF Radiator


Kingpin Machine

ABM Auto Centre


James – Acura Integra Type R



Vern Houghton Rust Control

Special Projects Motor Sports

Stripping Technologies


Kingpin Machine

Evans Tuning

AFH Parts

Kensai Racing


Carbotech Performance Brakes – Ewald Performance






Will – Honda Civic

Point Zero AutoSound & Performance / PZ Tuning

EFR by Borg Warner

Volks Wheels

Shellbourne Fuels

Competition Clutch

OnPoint Dyno

Fortune Auto

Mackin Industries – Project Mu


Donkey Power Injection

Fabrication Life – Vibrant Performance


Hankook USA

Insane Shafts

Ignition Projects


CSF Radiator





ATL Fuels

AIM Sport


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