HKS Introduces New V3 Supercharger Kit for FR-S and BRZ

HKS Introduces New V3 Supercharger Kit for FR-S and BRZ


HKS, the iconic Japanese performance parts manufacturer, is announcing the introduction of its new V3 Supercharger Kit for the Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ.



The V3 Supercharger kit includes some significant changes over previous versions. The inlet pipe has been redesigned to have a larger inside diameter, allowing for more airflow. The restrictor plate has also been removed. The increased airflow allows the supercharger to be fitted with a larger pulley and spin at a lower speed with lower pressure, but increased air volume. This has increased power output and reduced heat generated by the supercharger, effectively increasing the reliability of the system. Power increase has been measured up to 319 HP / 234 lb-ft on E85, and 251 HP / 206 lb-ft on 91 octane with HKS intake, headers, and exhaust. This is an estimated 141 HP or 78% gain in peak power, making a significant increase in performance at a reduced cost of more than 30% less than the previous version.  



In addition to the redesigned hardware of the V3 Supercharger Kit, the kit now includes an optional Flash Tuner (12001-KT003A $4,100 MSRP) with stored tunes for 91 octane and E85. The Flash Tuner has been developed and engineered by HKS to work specifically for the V3 Supercharger Kit, making it the only kit on the market for the FR-S/BRZ with tuning and hardware developed under the same roof. This allows an installer to instantly re-flash the ECU with a fuel map designed specifically for the V3 Supercharger Kit without the need to have it tuned on a dynamometer. A 93-octane tune (268 HP / 211 lb-ft) is also available by contacting HKS USA directly or by contacting any one of HKS USA’s participating Pro-Dealers.



Alternatively, if you already have tuning for your FR-S or BRZ, HKS’ V3 Supercharger Kit may be purchased without the Flash Tuner (12001-KT003 $3,800 MSRP) at a reduced cost. 



HKS has undergone extensive testing to develop the V3 Supercharger Kit. HKS engineers utilized a U.S. spec FR-S to develop the kit, and performed weather and temperature testing in extreme climates such as Death Valley. These tests have proved the V3 Supercharger Kit to be as reliable as the unmodified version of the vehicle. Both kits will be available to USA customers in early October. 


Kit with Tuning          

  • 12001-KT003A / $4,100 MSRP

Kit without Tuning  

  • 12001-KT003    / $3,800 MSRP


About HKS:
Headquartered in Fujinomiya, Japan, HKS is a publically traded performance parts manufacturer that operates sales and distribution networks in Asia, Europe, and North America. The company has supported numerous professional motorsports teams in a multitude of series, including D1GP, JGTC, JTCC, F3, and more.



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