Holley Announces Earl’s Vapor Guard Hose and Hose Ends


With over 40 blends of EPA-approved fuel currently being used in America alone, traditional rubber fuel hose doesn't stand a chance. These fuels contain additives that break down traditional rubber hoses which can lead to potentially dangerous leaks and weeping, as well as vapors that waste fuel and leave unwanted odors in your shop or garage. Once fuel lines are degraded, hose particles can contaminate and obstruct fuel injectors and carburetor passages.



Earl's Vapor Guard hose and hose ends provide a complete, economical solution that virtually eliminates fuel permeation issues common with most rubber fuel lines. Vapor Guard’s secret is in its layers. The innermost primary barrier layer offers high resistance to heat and aggressive fuels. The middle Vapor Guard™ barrier is a thermoplastic layer that provides superior fuel isolation and virtually eliminates vapors from escaping through the hose. The exterior cover barrier provides extreme tolerance to heat and ozone gas, giving Vapor Guard three layers of protection against hose deterioration.



Matching Vapor Guard hose ends feature a special smooth retention bead that retains the hose under pressure while assuring the hose liner is not damaged. They’re black brite-dip anodized for good looks and corrosion protection. Assembly is as simple as cutting the hose, pushing it on, and tightening the clamps.



The individual product text and high-resolution images can be found on the Vapor Guard landing page.


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