Hot Import Nights – March 24, 2007 Pomona, CA

I got a VIP pass to HIN last Saturday and I went to check it out with my buddies Troy (XS), Brett (Vivid Racing), and Jimmy (RHD Motoring). I haven’t been to a HIN since the 2nd one ever I think. My has it grown. Let’s just say that it’s not exactly my scene. My buddies thought the same thing. Chingy the “hip-hop” artist was there on stage with his entourage. I put quotes around hip hop becuase today’s hip hop isn’t actually hip hop. It’s hip pop, but that’s another story. Anyhow, it was big, sponsored by Mazda, and there was a shit load of people. How would I sum it up? Lots of skanky models (most of which shouldn’t be modeling), “show” cars, and vendor displays. Vendors like Injen, fake wheel companies, and Chinese muffler companies if you know what I’m saying….The shitty thing is that there was no alcohol. We were thinking, WTF? I thought that was the best part about HIN before.

G35 coupe with crazy air brushed military theme and big Brembos. This dude obviously spent BIG money. But why would you do this to a perfectly good G35? WHY?!?!?!

KT So with her mouth open again (see You can bet that her body is 100% real, but I ain’t complaining….
Yet another asian model with “real” boobs. There was a tent of “models” selling autographs and posters. This chick was actually nice, but the others were so damn obviously fake nice.
The main Mazda stage. HIN is big money, people. It may not be your thing, but the company that owns HIN now is making the big bucks. I think it’s good that the youth of today can get exposed to cars even if it’s through HIN. One of these days, those kids will grow up and want to go fast.

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