How Differentials Work

Somebody asked me how a LSD (limited slip differential) works and although I understand the principle of what a differential does, I didn’t know how all the specific types of LSDs work. I only really understand how an open type and clutch type LSD works. So I found this really elementary article on the web which explains how differentials work and it also breaks down function of the different types of differentials: Howstuffworks. There are illustrations, pictures, and animation to keep you short attention span Maxim readers out there interested. Remember, knowledge is power.

I typically use KAAZ LSDs in my own cars since XS shares the building with KAAZ. Ray at KAAZ knows his stuff on LSDs and KAAZ makes heavy duty, super buff LSDs. Believe it or not, the way your car handles can be altered by the way your LSD is installed. On a Skyline GT-R, EVO, or WRX/STI differential tuning of the front, center, and rear LSDs can make a HUGE difference. Most Japanese LSDs are just way too crazy out of the box and you’ll find yourself drifting around every corner. Make sure you ask your installer to adjust or re-assemble the differential according to the way you plan on using your car. If your installer doesn’t know what you’re talking about, then get the fuck out of there and go somewhere else – it’s kind of like buying an ECU and your tuner not knowing how to tune it.

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