Badass Sentra???

You would normally not catch me saying the word Sentra and badass in the same sentence, but my buddy Mike Kojima (crap, there’s Wikipedia page on him!) the Sentra master built a pretty badass Sentra for Time Attack. Sentras are pretty cool to road race and probably an excellent beginner car: cheap, plentiful, and disposable in the case that you find that you suck ass at road racing. At one time I even considered building a Sentra to compete in the NASA SE-R Cup, but time and budget did not allow. I guess I couldn’t get myself to build a front wheel drive car either as it’s the wrong wheel drive. Anyhow, if I never met Mike, I would probably would have never known about the world of Sentras. On the street they more or less suck since from the factory they look plain, suck at handling, and have a shitty engine (QR25DEs). Here I present to you the world’s baddest ass Sentra (excuse the shitty photography).


Proper splitter, side skirts, oil cooler ducting, and Nitto NT-01s on Volk TE37s. Nitto is the title sponsor of this car – money wisely spent.


A real rear splitter with gates. No bullshit JDM crap here. Carbon fabrication done by Mr. Kono. The rear wing is designed by aerodynamicist Johnny Mac.


Close up view of the carbon splitter, canard, and oil cooler inlet (fog light hole) and outlet. You can see the aluminum ducting through the slots.


All out World Challenge style cage by the bros at Technosquare. Note the fire sysytem and light weight steering shaft. Since Mike’s an old school SJ/Buddahead he busted out the Wink mirror.


A real deal cage. The front shock tower are tied into the the main hoop.


QR25DE with GT28 turbo tuned by Jim Wolf. Dunno who built the engine, but this configuration is good for 280whp. For now….

All in all I wish I did all these things to the XS Time Attack Skyline GT-R. Maybe on the next GT-R….

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