More Badass Sentra

Last week I was over at M-Workz doing some intake manifold testing Steve’s 350Z and I caught Mike Kojima’s Sentra all stickered up and in the middle of an alignment. Steve and Mike were going all out on the alignment mapping out the camber curves, bump steer, etc. If you want a bad ass corner weight and alignment and live in LA, you need to call up Steve. Sure there are other good chassis guys in So Cal like Darren @ South Bay and Dave’s Frame in Huntington Beach, but Steve is the only one I know that lives and breathes the cars he works with. Anyhow, the sticker scheme on Mike’s Sentra is all Nitto, but then again they’re paying the tab.





Now that my friends, is an oil cooler duct.


Tyler from Cosworth in the driver’s seat and Steve on the dyno pod trying to figure out what turned out to be a cam angle sensor issue. Look out for his car at your next time attack because it’s going to be way quicker than it was before.


The eagerly anticipated Cosworth intake manifold in field testing. The thing not only looks good, but it rocks too. Too bad I can’t talk about our results. All you need to know is that it’s going to be worth every penny. Anyhow Steve’s car with the JWT twin turbo system with upgraded turbos, Cosworth short block, Cosworth CNC big valve heads, prototype Cosworth cams, and HKS V-Pro ECU tuned by yours truly, makes 560whp at a mere 12.5psi of boost. That’s not a typo – that’s 12.5psi. I’ve made 560 on VQ35’s (and so have many others), but never on this low of boost. It’s going to be a monster at 20psi and let’s just say it makes even more with the Cosworth intake manifold…

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