WIRED Magazine Nextfest – 9/16/07

This past Sunday I went to the LA Convention Center to check out NEXTFEST. It’s a show that showcases future and upcoming technologies in all fields: consumer, military, entertainment, health, aerospace, robotics, etc. There were a lot of interactive displays for all ages and levels of intelligence. Overall it was an interesting show and very informative. It’s definitely worth a visit to NEXTFEST when it comes to your area.


Plenty of cool, informative displays.


3D Pac-Man: a new spin on an old favorite.


A 2 cylinder personal helicopter engine complete with dry sump oiling and mini IHI turbocharger. It looked kind of like half of a Subaru engine.


Robotic DJ arms. They were ok, but you could hear that the vinyl was spinning on some kind of repeated algorithm. Screw Tiesto or Funkmaster Flex in 10 years.


SpaceX is one of the privately owned aerospace companies that will be for hire in the near future. You can take a trip into space or launch a satellite if you’re rich and have nothing to do with your money. SpaceX is also the company that stole some Cosworth engineers.


Which one is real and which is fake? A Chinese robotic company had this simple display. The funny thing is that the Chinese even copied a human! Forget exhausts, turbos, and intercoolers when you can copy humans, right?

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