How Magical is Black Magic Intense Wheel Cleaner? We Test it Out!


After the two minutes of soaking and light brush use, it was time to rinse to see the results. 


Now we are talking! Talk about instant gratification! The BBS wheels look fantastic and seem to have a bit more of a natural shine to them. 


Finish off with drying using a soft cloth. 


Beautiful finish and ready for a PCH cruise. 


The cleaner did a nice job working its way into hard to access crevices with minimal effort. 


We are impressed with the outcome for so little input while using an off-the-shelf type wheel cleaner. Our Project AP1 S2000 is looking sharp. 

We are far from professional detailers, but as most of us are either former or current racers with often very dirty wheels, we can appreciate good products when we find them. For a household brand's product that can be found at the local auto parts retailer, the results were very satisfying considering how easy it was to get these gratifying results. 



Black Magic

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