How Magical is Black Magic Intense Wheel Cleaner? We Test it Out!


Closer to the two minute mark, you can see the product working its magic, but will it be enough without scrubbing? 


Time to rinse to find out. 


For the average person that takes their car through an automatic car wash, the results without scrubbing will suffice. In fact, for that crowd, this could possibly be the best product that will allow laziness and “clean” wheels at the same time. However, for the average, anal automotive enthusiast, using a light brush will be needed as this level of cleanliness will simply not do. 


Round one of the cleaner was not enough for our tastes, so onto round two with a light brush this time. Hopefully we won't get arrested for not following directions for round two by spraying the product onto the wheels that were already wet. 


Perfect soft brush for the job for these BBS wheels. 


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