How to Build a 5.0 Coyote Engine on Any Budget


A fresh set of Ford Performance lash adjusters and rockers from Summit Racing assure that our valvetrain will function the best it can.


We went all-in with Comp Cams’ NSR (No Springs Required) supercharger camshaft upgrade. We’ve seen the NSR cams pick up 40-50 horsepower (on an ’11-14 engine) at the crank. Our specs are 236 degrees of duration on the intake and 243 exhaust at .050-inch lift. Intake valve lift is .492 with exhaust being .453 on a 128 degree lobe separation angle.


Due to the more aggressive nature of the COMP camshafts, limiters that restrict VCT movement to 20-25 degrees (from 50) are required to eliminate piston to valve issues. Furthermore, the CR-series require upgraded valve springs above 60-pounds of spring pressure. If you’re using a 2015-’17 engine, limiters and valve springs are not required.


A large amount of stress is exerted on this small chain that drives the intake camshaft from the exhaust camshaft. MMR offers a heavy duty version that’s all but a requirement with aftermarket camshafts paired along with a supercharger. There is an odd number of links on this chain, which is why you see three colored alignment links.


More heavy duty parts downstairs. The Coyote oil pump and crank chain drive gears are made from powdered metal. Upgrading to MMR’s billet steel versions help provide a level of security, especially on supercharged engines. Even without a supercharger, billet oil pump gears is always a recommended upgrade.



  1. Tons of great information here, thanks for sharing! I’m looking forward to coyote swapping my 97 GT, just trying to figure out how much I really want to spend on the build, and this really helps!

  2. 500 HP?? Do you guys really believe this is all they can handle? I’ve been running 609 rwhp in my 2013 F150 for 127,000 miles. Plenty of other guys making alot more than 500 with these engines. Do a little more research next time guys.

    1. We are talking about really handling it, not as a burst through the gears streetcar or 1/4 mile at a time. If yours is holding together at 600 plus with your typical use, that’s great but we are talking about a solid conservative power rating. There is a great possibility that your 600 hp wonder would disassemble itself under the kind of use we subject these motors to.

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