Improved Racing – Trap Door Oil Pan Conversion Kit for C5 Corvette

Improved Racing – Trap Door Oil Pan Conversion Kit for C5 Corvette


Improved Racing has a bolt-on kit that converts the factory C5 Corvette oil pan into a trap door oil pan. The kit is easy to install and requires only the removal of the lower oil pan access panel. There is no need to remove the oil pan for installation.

The GM LS family small blocks are prone to oil starvation at high Gs, especially at higher RPMs where oil aeration and windage is more prevalent. Proper oil pan baffling is critical for improving oil control and reducing oil starvation in these engines.



The inserts take minimal time and effort to install due to the later model C5 Corvette's modular oil pan design. Simply drain the oil, remove the bottom half of the oil pan and snap-in the inserts to enjoy improved oil control.


The graph above plots oil pressures with the factory baffling (in red) versus the Improved Racing EGM-204 baffle (in black). Click image for a larger image.


Features and Benefits

  • Track-proven to prevent oil starvation at up to 1.4 sustained lateral G's
  • Directional trap door inserts completely enclose the oil pump pickup for maximum protection against oil starvation at high Gs
  • 100% snap-in, no modifications necessary. Does not require removal of oil pan or engine.
  • Reduces the risk of oil starvation when oil levels are low
  • Works with the factory cast aluminum oil pan, which is considered a structural member of the engine block and is less prone to failure or leaking than aftermarket sheet metal pans
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Made in the USA



According to Improved Racing, these inserts will improve oil control and prevent oil starvation at up to 1.4 sustained G's at only the fraction of the cost of an aftermarket oil pan. The kit, part number EGM-202, is made in the USA and is currently available for $199 with free domestic shipping.


To learn more, visit the company's website at or give them a call at 407-705-3054.




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