Improving Towing Capability with Hellwig and Bilstein Part One


The Bilstein 5100 has hard eye bushings so more of the wheel motion can be translated through the damper instead of being lost in squishy rubber. This helps both performance and ride comfort. Monotube pressurized construction also allows the shock to be mounted upside down for less unsprung weight.  The 5100 comes with a total coverage boot to protect the seals from dirt and debris. Best of all the 5100 shock is developed and made in the USA for our unique market demands.  There are no pickup trucks in Germany so this is a great thing and shows Bilstein's commitment for our market..
To start our installation Howard got the truck up on jackstands and removed the wheels. 
The stock shocks were removed.
When compared to the Bilstein 5100's the stock shocks look like they are the same diameter, however they are twin tube with a smaller inner tube and piston.  When this is taken into account the 5100 has a much bigger piston.  The bigger piston has 50% more bearing area and the larger piston displaces more fluid for better damping control. 
The chassis adaptor plate for the Big Wig air spring is bolted to the chassis where the stock bump stop used to be.
The adapter plate in place.  The installation is a direct bolt in, no drilling or cutting is required. 

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