Improving Towing Capability with Hellwig and Bilstein Part One


Howard applies some teflon tape to the Hellwig anti sway bar.  We have found this little trick to eliminate all squeaking of swaybar bushings. It also reduces sticktion of the swaybar which can improve the ride. 
Using a jack to support the swaybar, Howard bolts up the sway bar axle brackets to the axle tube. 
The swaybar end links are adjustable for length so you can make sure that the bar isn't preloaded and you can get the best angle out of them which is the most perpendicular at ride height.  We lubed up the bushings with the silicone grease that came with the kit. 
The endlinks are bolted to the bar.  We used the middle of the three adjustment holes to start with.
Everything in the suspension is adjusted and bolted down. Now it's time to get the air pump and electrical stuff sorted out. 
The heavy duty air pump and air tank are bolted to the main frame rail with this large bracket. The parts are tucked out of the way and are protected from damage by the frame rail. 

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