Impulse N2 Spec Racer


Back to the N2 car though; typically in spec racing you're not going to find a massive 700hp turbo car. Given regulations the output of this 4A motor is 215Hp, revving at a high 9300 rpm which is impressive given that it's 25-year-old technology out of a naturally aspirated 1.6L. For the build-up of the head Satoshi-san ported the head and fitted it with TRD 320 duration 11mm big lift cams with gears, valves, springs, retainers, and studs/bolts of the same make. The short block was fitted with Ogawa Engineering connecting rods and lightened crank, then the small end fitted with Mahle 82mm bore pistons.


Foreground: Dry-sump catch-tank, plumbing, and pump.  Towards the fire-wall: Quad throttle body, Okada Racing Ignition Coils, and Cusco bar.


With the long block assembled, engine exterior bits include a Tomei Timing belt, a TRD Dry sump oil system, a Bosch fuel pump, Mugen fuel pressure regulator, OEM Honda fuel injectors, and Toda quad throttle intake system. Tajima constructed the 4-1 headers and straight-through exhaust from stainless. On the ignition side of things the engine runs NGK spark plugs and Okada Racing Products coil on plug ignition. A DTA fast S60Pro ECU is in place to oversee the spark and fueling events.


A view of the cockpit: Aim Pista MXL guage, Tanida Steering, along with various kill switches.


In following the electrons through Satoshi-san's custom harness into the cabin area we find an AIM Pista MXL guage set. There we also find a set of Tilton pedals/master cylinder, a Nardi steering wheel, Tanida seat with Willans harness, a Cusco cage, and Tajima's own fabricated sheet metal dash. We also see a bunch of catch tanks, fuel pumps and fuel cell cabin aft.


Had to be a contortionist to get this shot of the Tilton pedals.


A TRD close gear transmission, Toda lightened flywheel, and Exedy clutch lies below that shifter. Power is transferred via the propeller shaft to an Impulse special ATS-Metal differential.


Another camera angle that required a small body, flexibility, and my back to be pricked by sharp ends of zip-tie. Shifter, Juran Racing bucket, and Willans Harness.


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