Impulse N2 Spec Racer


Safety 21 cage and a maze of fuel related hoses and catch tank. “Ueo-style” trailing arm extension brackets are grafted where rear seats would “normally” go.


Fuel cell, Earls hose's, pumps, and filters.


Many have been skeptics of the AE86's live axle, but held down by Impulse's proprietary Zeal coil-over system and braced by N2-SPL control arms, it seems to work magically. Other assorted suspension bits include 14K and 5.8 Eibach springs paired with those Zeal coil-overs, Cusco pillow ball mounts and suspension braces, and Impulse roll center adjusters.


15 inch Rays TE37V wheels are encased in Dunlop full slicks. Within the spokes are Endless 4-pot piston brakes. Wide fenders other than TRD are considered sacrilege in the N2 world.


Many associate the AE86 chassis with drift. That's fine, but few know its storied racing history. Back then few state-side knew of the Corolla's impact on the Japanese psyche. Now with the internet, mass media, and the general popularity of “JDM” the 86's lore is spreading fast. Hopefully this walk through of an N2 spec Levin will open a few enthusiast's eyes to what else the AE86 is capable of outside of drifting. Maybe this will inspire the powers that be to create a “spec” or “one-make” series once more for the new 86!



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