In the Beginning


Mode Racing Time Attack Hyundai Genesis engine bay
Currently the 4B11 motor is nearly stock but more mods are planned in the near future

The 4B11 motor remains amazingly stock at this point of the cars development.  A Walbro 255 LPH fuel pump with an in-tank regulator feeds 550cc injectors at 55 psi.  Burnt combustion gasses exit the engine via an all stainless steel turbo-back exhaust that starts off at 2.5″ in diameter and tapers to 3″.  The 3″ pipe leads to twin, low-restriction race mufflers located in the back of the car. Engine breathing is improved with a custom low restriction air intake. Engine management is provided by the OEM ECU, reflashed at HB Speed by Big Tom with assistance from Hyundai Motors America.  In this mild tune, the engine  is making 250 whp and 291 lb/ft of torque at 18 psi of boost.  Motul 300V synthetic keeps everything lubricated and an AEM UEGO air fuel meter keeps track of how the engine’s tuning and fuel system are functioning.  The coolant hoses have been replaced with custom Mode Racing molded silicone parts for reliability at the higher 1.4 bar coolant pressure allowed by the Mode Racing radiator cap. In the future a fully built motor with JE pistons is planned along with a bigger Garrett GT2860 turbo.

The custom downpipe smoothly tapers from 2.5″ to 3″ in diameter at a 9 degree taper for laminar flow


 Mode Racing Time Attack Hyundai Genesis engine bay
Custom air intake helps the 4B11 Breathe.  Mode Racings custom Silicone hoses help improve reliability at higher coolant temperatures 


The APR rear wing helps provide downforce and the custom exhaust helps improve breathing 

Being the first is always a challenge and we expect to hear things about the car as it develops and paves the way for fans and performance-oriented owners of the Hyundai Genesis. Watch for the car at a Time Attack near you!

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