Industry Mail and Option Video

So it sounded like a lot of you may have misunderstood my post on the Industry Mail thing. My bad, I wasn’t too clear. Read the last last couple of sentences again carefully. I was just trying to sound like I was apologetic in the beginning (fronting like I’m a good guy) and then letting you all know that I subtlety didn’t actually give a shit. I guess it didn’t work too well. Anyways, it’s good to hear from you guys when you send me emails and stuff. We don’t activate the comments on the blogs due to spam comments.

A couple weeks ago, Toshi, Yasu, and the Video Option crew came to visit at Cosworth to do a video segment. It was fun and I got to talk, hang out, etc. with Dai-chan. I’ve been watching him in Option Video for about 15 years now. It’s a trip to be watching somebody you respect so much when you are young and then you ending working with them. I guess that’s especially true for Toshi since he’s the “Voice of D1” and super star “gatekeeper“. Anyhow, Toshi has Option Video #1 on VHS and we used to watch those tapes over and over again in college (I should say in the college years since I didn’t actually attend classes). It was pretty cool to finally be IN the video. We went to dinner after and had massive amounts of teba-saki (chicken wings) and massive amounts of beer (i was so full). I got to ask Dai-chan about Option’s past and his legendary drinking antics at the hostess bars of the world. Good stuff.

Pics stolen from Toshi’s blog – Dai-chan, me, and Yasu behind the camera. It was pretty cool because we got to mess around and laugh a lot during filming.

Here in front of the world famous Cosworth sign. World famous for motorsports fanatics at least….

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