Palos Verdes Bugatti Veyron

I was cruising through Palos Verdes (straight ballin’ area) on my way to the Spo-com show this past Sunday and I passed a blue Bugatti Veyron. The guy didn’t know how to drive it for shit. He was stalling and off the side of the road when I passed him. As you can see I was driving so I just stuck my camera out the window while driving. I know you can’t really see the Veyron in the picture so it’s nearly pointless. I should have used the zoom. He wouldn’t catch up to me since he didn’t know how to drive the car. He was going like 20mph! This is the second Veyron I’ve seen. The first one I saw was white. It was on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills about a year ago and it pulled up right in front of me on the curb. This SUPER FUCKING HOT 30ish blonde crawls out of the passenger seat and runs into the Escada store while he waits in the red zone.

I ask the owner, “Nice car dude. How much did it cost?”

He replied, “About 1.1.” (of course this is million for you idiots)

I said, “Do you mind if I ask what you do?”

He said, “Not at all. I was the CEO of Broadcom.”

I didn’t know what to say to that so I gave him the thumbs up, a smile and a nod of approval and walked away.

Fuck….it must be nice.


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