Spo-Com show

Last Sunday was Pro Motion Distributing’s Spo-Com show at the Long Beach Convention center. I’m not a show guy, but the show was supposed to double as a trade show. All I can say is that the import car shows are funny. When you go to a classic car show, it’s all about how clean the car is. When you go to a vintage car show it’s all about how clean, original, and period correct the cars are. When you go to a rat rod show, it’s all about the rat rod style (which I think is kind of cool and some of the chicks are hot). When you go to a “sport compact tuner” show as the mass media likes to call it, the cars are all about how many parts, how much money, and how much SHIT you can tack on the car. I got nothing against import car shows as an institution, but I cannot handle the cars. There was so much junk fiberglass and bondo, tasteless interiors, lambo doors, unnecessary chrome, and retractable shit that I was a bit ashamed of what import car shows have become. This of course is because the mass media calls anything dealing with a Japanese car “sport compact tuner”. Since I have to be bundled in there with this category, I hate the fact that the modern import show cars are embarrassing unless they are done tastefully. Unfortunately the tasteful cars generally don’t appear at these import shows because even THEY don’t want to be categorized in the same bunch of people/enthusiasts. Anyhow, enough bitching. Below is one cool picture and one totally fucking funny as hell picture. I guarantee you’ll love it.


This is the cool picture. Loren at Rotora’s personal BNR34 Skyline GT-R with a Nismo S1 engine.


This is the funny picture. If you don’t see why, look carefully. YES, THE DUDE IN THE CENTER OF THE PICTURE IS WEARING A HELMET AT A CAR SHOW! I can understand showing off nice clothes, shoes, glasses, jewelery, gold/diamond fronts, and maybe even a crunk pimp juice cup (barely), but what is this guy thinking? Does he actually think it’s cool to be wearing a helmet at a show?? How can one fathom such an idea? 1: you’re not going to hook it up with any chicks if they can’t see you, 2: chicks will think you’re a FUCKING idiot, 3: guys won’t think you’re cool, and 4: people like me will clown you on their blogs. The funny thing is that race car drivers don’t even walk around with their helmets on really.Funny shit.

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