Industry Mail

I was at Cosworth today, as I am everyday, and my manager Ken tells me, “Hey did you read your response in the new Super Street (september 07)?” So I grabbed the issue and looked for the Industry Mail section. Having wrote the response immediately after reading Sean Morris’ comments 4 or 5 issues ago, I realize now that I should chill out before responding to issues in a public forum. I remember getting a little bothered by Sean’s response so I wrote this emotionally charged response for Super Street. Anyhow, if I would have written it now, it would have been a lot calmer. I’ve never been very tactful when I say things. This is probably why a lot of people get offended when I comment on things. Especially when they don’t like my response. This happens a lot especially on the car forums where you have a ton of SPE/SPTs (self proclaimed engineers/tuners respectively) who are tough guys behind their computer screens and photocopy machine salesmen by day. Whoa, there I did it again. Oh well, live and learn.


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