Industry Track Day 5

 Annie Sam at Industry Track Day 5 at Willow Springs

Industry Track Day 5

MotoIQ Staff Report

Photography By Steve Mitchell

On Sunday, Dec. 20th Mackin Industries, the people who import Volk wheels, held their 5th semi-annual Industry Track Day.  This is a semi-private invitation-only event for people who work in the performance industry to bring out their personal cars to play.  We thought we would share some pictures with you.  We would also like to thank the Folks at Mackin: Eddie Lee, Steve Lim, Christina Lee and Mike Chung (Greddy) for helping put on an awesome event.  Everyone had a great time and no sheetmetal was damaged — although a few engines were.  The staff at MotoIQ eagerly awaits Industry Track Day 6!

StopTech brought out their ultra-fast Time Attack Z06.

Greddy's GT-R wowed the crowd with its amazing straight-line speed.

Billy Johnson flat-footed this GT3 to a 1:30, one of the fastest times of the day.  The GT3 is Billy's favorite car to drive.
Crawford's Time Attack STi was fast until it scattered its engine.
Annie Sam was fast in her NASA PTD NX2000.
The Dog II in pursuit of the Greddy GT-R.  The Dog won!
Billy Johnson drove this street NSX to some fast times.
Lately Time Attack Lotuses are sporting some serious aero.


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