Industry Track Day 5


Ryan Hawkins Supra from SCC’s Ultimate Street Car Contest
Ever Wonder what happens when someone oils down the track in the beginner run group?  Ryan Hawkins Supra blows engine before turn 3 and spews oil all over the track.  Mike Kojima instructing with a lead follow group gets covered in oil, many years of experience keeps the car on track and on line.  His students, all following each other closely don’t fair so well.
Right behind Mike, all hell breaks loose as his students spin in the oil.  The whole follow group went out of control.  Fortunately no one got hurt and unbelievably no cars made contact.  The session got black flagged and it took about 40 minutes to clean up all the oil.
Another one of the many GTRs that ran.  GTRs are fast, amazing considering their shear size and bulk.
MotoIQ’s Annie Sam and Mike Kojima mostly ran the beginner groups doing lead/follow instructing but they did get out to play in the advanced group a couple of times.
Chuck Johnson brought out MotoIQ’s MIA Project 240SR for a shake down run after being out of commission for several years.  A faulty power steering system took him out of the action nearly as quickly.
One of Crawford’s pure street machines hits the track.


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