Introducton: Evolution of the Turbo SE-R


SE-R Turbo

Our goal for this car is to basically have a street driven car that we can have fun with on a road racecourse and occasionally drag race (much like the purpose of SCC’s Project Ultimate Se-r).

Project Goals

  • Quick response turbo that can still produce 400 wheel horsepower
  • A stainless steel manifold that flows more than current manifolds available
  • Retain Sleeper looks of car
  • Upgrade Transmission, Wheels, Suspension, and Brakes to handle new power
  • Produce a weekend cruiser that can still be competitive on road courses, and can attain low 12-second time slips in the ΒΌ mile.

This is where our project begins. We plan to cover the decision process while tackling a project like this in addition to an explanation of the parts that will make this project complete. In the next installment we’ll be covering the heart of this project HKS’ GT3037 turbo.

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