Project Nissan 200SX 1.6 GA16DE – Putting a potato under the hood…

ga16de turbo project 200sx evil twin notnser track day HPDE


OK so the title is not literal… In our last installment we talked about our planned turbo and injector upgrades. In particular we chose to install the now infamous GT28RS aka the Disco Potato turbo! Let's not waste any time with small talk eh? Lets get down to what we did and how we did it.

Given that the 240SX MAF was maxed and the 370CC injectors were VERY close to maximum duty cycle we had to think about what we were going to do next. After some research we decided to use the Ford Cobra MAF, MSD 50 Lb Injectors, a JGY fuel rail, and a Nismo FPR. These upgrades were chosen because they would easily support the amount of power we want the project to make and then some. This is the point where you plan for things down the road and should we ever decide to build the bottom end these upgrades will no doubt support that as well.

The Cobra MAF was chosen for it’s resistance to turbulence, and because if we ever get close to its max JWT can do a subtractor circuit to allow it to support more HP. To install the Cobra MAF it requires you to solder the Cobra Harness in place of the stock MAF harness.

We chose the MSD and JGY rail combo as it is a more cost effective solution than the Nismo injectors. We are also pleased to announce that this upgrade has opened doors for others in that JGY developed top feed fuel rails for both the B13 and B14 GA16 motors. The B13 rail is a one piece design and the B14 is a two piece design that remotely locates the FPR, this two piece design worked perfectly in our application as without it the Nismo FPR would not clear the throttle body. The JGY rail is a very nice piece and has performed flawlessly.

ga16de turbo project 200sx evil twin notnser jgy top feed fuel rail
The JGY top feed fuel rail, FPR block, and Nismo AFPR.


ga16de turbo project 200sx evil twin notnser jgy top feed fuel railga16de turbo project 200sx evil twin notnser JGY top feed fuel rail
Rail and Injectors installed.Here is the FPR block installed. Without the two piece design the AFPR would hit the throttle body.

The use of the MSD 50LB injectors requires the soldering of new connectors, we chose to cut the factory connectors off and solder the MSD connectors in. This is fairly straight forward and polarity of wiring does not mater as long as all of the connections are made in the same order.


ga16de turbo project 200sx evil twin notnser MSD injector clipga16de turbo project 200sx evil twin notnser MSD injector clip harness
MSD clip on the left, OEM on the right.The completed harness loomed and wrapped.


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