Project Nissan 200SX 1.6 GA16DE – Putting a potato under the hood…


ga16de turbo project 200sx evil twin notnser
Here is the completed setup. We decided to have all of our parts powder coated in a black wrinkle finish to match our initial install.

We can’t forget to mention that in order to run these upgrades you will need a JWT ecu reprogrammed specifically for these modifications. Given that no one had previously done this we put JWT to the test. We called and worked out the details and JWT went to work on a custom program, sight unseen. Given that the SR20 community has ran this Injector and MAF combo for years they had a good basis for a program. We shipped JWT the computer and they worked their magic. Not only did the car actually fire on the first try but it ran perfectly. Drivability is great and tooling around town there is no hint of anything being under the hood. Off boost gas mileage is great as well, I hate to say it but the car runs better under normal conditions than the previous setup. With the car running properly it was time to strap the car down to the dyno. and check out what kind of power we were putting down and to check the ECU tune to see if it was where it needed to be.

We contacted SpeedQuest performance and told them we needed some time on their dyno. to document our progress. They set aside some time for us and we strapped her down to their dynojet. We made a few passes with the boost controller off to check out the AF ratio and make sure all was well. The car felt very strong at 14 PSI and the dyno proved our suspicions were correct. At the same boost level as the previous dyno we made 252 WHP and 219 WTQ. We were extremely pleased with the results! Honestly we did not expect this as this was the first tune JWT had done with this program and they did it sight unseen on a car that is 2000 miles away from their shop. If this doesn’t speak to JWT’s tuning ability, I don’t know what does.

ga16de turbo project 200sx evil twin notnser dyno 252whp
We are still left with the same usable torque curve we had before!

The best part about this car is that everyone in it is amazed at the linearity of the power band. It does not feel like the typical turbo car at all. It feels like a well sorted NA car to be perfectly honest. Quite frankly this setup rips! GIven that project 200SX has had this turbo setup installed for 3+ years with ZERO issues is astounding! Autocrosses, track days, the car has done it all and only seen frequent oil changes and plug checks/changes as necessary. At the time we installed this setup this was the most powerful GA16 that had ever been documented and while some other cars have made more power, none have done so with our level of reliability!

We decided not to push our luck and crank up the boost just yet as we wanted to report our numbers and data to JWT for some tweaking of the ECU profile. Needless to say we are on the path to seeing just what the GA16 is capable of. Stay tuned as we upgrade the Clutch and install a JGY LSD and of course turn up the boost……

Thanks to our project sponsors:

ga16de turbo project 200sx evil twin notnser JWT Jim Wolf Technology

 212 Millar Ave

El Cajon California 92020



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